January 1, 2005

A beautiful icy day after Christmas Sunday morning we slept in for a while then woke up to a beautful winter wonderland.  No,  Ina Sue's wish for snow hadn't come true but there was ice covering everything.  The sun was just starting to glint off of the ice.  It was beautiful!  We hurried around and made it to church on time.  Bro. Wendell preached on Christ as: Cornerstone, Capstone, Precious Stone, and Stumbling Stone.  Came home to a lunch of taco salad then rested through the afternoon.  A Christmas song service in the evening.  After church, Josh Heatwole and Daniel & Chad Brubaker came over for a leftover snack and a Rook game.  Good fun.
Rook game after church Monday was a typically busy day.  The ice was pretty much melted by the afternoon.  Bonnie Brubaker came over to see Ina Sue in the afternoon.  (She & Rosemary are down from VA for the week)  Ina Sue fixed us delicious stroganoff sandwiches for supper.  After supper I had some PRMC calling to do.  We heard this afternoon that Ina Sue's great-uncle Ed Knicely died of a heart attack in Harrisonburg.  Ina Sue spent most of the evening trying to decide if she should ride up to Va. with Bonnie & Rosemary and wait on me to arrive later or miss the funeral and come up with me.  I was surprised that she finally decided to stick here with us.  I was glad though!
Charles & Myron plugging away on the firewall between the gym & school Ina Sue went over to Hephzibah to spend the day stitching with K.Kay and Kari Hobbs while I spent the day Tuesday at work.  She also stopped in to visit Dad & Mother for a while.  I stayed after work and went directly to the jail for Bible study.  On the way home from jail I ran off the road with my car at a particularly bad spot.  When I tried to get back on the road the terrible pavement blew both tires on one side of the car.  I didn't want to pay for a tow truck and only had one spare so I blu-blu-blubbed the remaining mile or two to our house.  Suffice it to say, I will definitely need two new tires!  We closed the store this afternoon until we re-open after New Years.
My partner Steve Brubaker & partial family Since I didn't need to go to work Wednesday morning we slept in a bit.  I got up then and worked on taking off my blown car tires and ferrying them up to Ivan's one by one for replacement.  I also took 128 lbs. of pecans up to Grower's Choice for Dale to crack for us.  (They are for distribution to family in Harrisonburg)  We all were able to get left about 10:30 for our drive up to Hartwell.  I have been in charge of getting the Bible School phone system up and running for the last number of years and this was the only day it suited us before Bible School starts on Sunday.  We got there about 2:00 and I hurriedly made sure all the phones were setup and ringing correctly.  Then we found out that the bell system had gotten unplugged somehow and the programming for it was all gone.  So I spent another hour setting up the bell schedule again before we got left around 6:00.  Drove pretty much straight home and got here at 9:00.  Then we spent some time cleaning up the house & getting pie crusts ready for breakfast tomorrow.  Then to bed....
Papa has us busy splitting wood Steve & Cindy Brubaker along with three children, Desiree, Travis & Courtney were our guests for breakfast Thursday morning.  We had egg quiches and fried hash browns with orange juice.  We had a great time visiting together and talking "business".  (He is my partner in Computer Solutions)  After they left we scurried around and got everything together in time to head toward Virginia at 10:30.  On the way we stopped at the Bamberg library to check out some audio books for the trip then to Grower's Choice for our cracked pecans.  We also stopped at a outlet mall in Virginia for Ina Sue to buy some stuff.  A Bass outlet store was going out of business and we were able to pick up two pairs of shoes for me at 60% off.  We got to Ina Sue's home around 7:00.
The cabin supper... We started off the last day of 2004 (Friday) by sleeping in until about 8:00. :)  Then we got ready and went with Marsha to Costco for some shopping.  Picked up a bunch of groceries there and took advantage of all the free samples. :)  Then to the mall so Ina Sue could shop for her Christmas present.  She bought a nice sweater at Christopher Banks.  By the time we got back to the house, Keith & Jeanne were there with their family.  In the afternoon, Sherman & I helped Papa split a huge pile of firewood while Keith looked on helpfully.  In the evening all of us met with a large group of others for the annual "Cabin Supper"  Phil Hoover had smoked pork loin for the event and it was scrumptious.  Others have assured me that the lima beans were also delicious....  We had a good time visiting with friends and finished the evening with Christmas Carols.
Norwood Shank read a story and shared a few thoughts.... Saturday was New Year's day.  We actually saw the New Year in but weren't paying any attention.  By the time we noticed it was 2005 we had already missed the event by about 5 minutes.  Oh well,  we all headed off to bed and slept in again.  Ina Sue got up in decent time to make cheese ball for our part of the dinner today.  I was coerced into driving over to the neighbors to borrow some cream cheese.  Today was the big Warren Showalter (Mother's family) get-together at Hickory Hollow school.  There were 137 out of the 150 some descendents present.  Great food & good fellowship.  After we left the party we stopped in to see Larry Knicely's  (Uncle Ed Knicely's son) and tried to stop at Brent Knicely's but they were not home.  Then we stopped in to see Ina Sue's old co-worker Toni and her husband Toni.  Had a nice visit in their beautiful house then came home for a quick rest before the evening.
Uncle Lee, Keith & cousin Curtis discussing issues of theology In the evening we and Keith's went to the Harmonia Sacra singing at Weavers.  The singing was beautiful but I had to spend over half of the service in the back with Carolina Sue.  It didn't bother me too much though because my throat has been kinda sore and I didn't feel much like singing.  We came home then to a huge supper that Mother had prepared for us.  She fixed us a great big pizza sub and a big pot of vegetable soup along with all kinds of other misc. good eats.  Chowed down then headed for bed.
Harmonia Sacra singing at Weavers  


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